Want to Reveal Your Abs? Try This 12-Week Diet Plan

The following outlines a three-month diet plan which put you on your path to reveal your abs.

Performing hundreds of sit-ups and crunches will not lead to the abs you want however a workout program that is well thought out and performed persistently and following a diet which aims to lose fat will. In order to reach that tight midsection, you’ve always wanted, progressive changes in exercises will burn the hidden flabs and sustaining you’re dead will help you achieve that.

This diet plan consists of three 4-week phases. Phase one helps you create a foundation that enables you to move onto advanced phases two and three. From progressively harder abdominal training and diet refinement will lead to the unveiling those 6 packs that you have always wanted. The methods and tips listed below help you find tune your existing diet and help you ease into this diet plan. However, to speed things up it will take a lot of mental determination.

This diet plan has been designed to fit in your existing workout schedule; continue with your regular weight training and cardio routines as you have been doing and replace your ab training with these targeted routines. This should be done three days a week while having a 48 hours rest between sessions.

Diet Plan Breakdown

Month 1: Foundation

The first month is all about adapting to the various exercises that form the fundamentals of this program. Continue with your regular weight training and cardio routines as you have been doing While allowing for a 48-hour rest between workouts Moreover, cardio sessions should be moderate to high intensity about four days a week for 35 minutes.

Month 2: Progression and Muscle Building

The second month is where you start to build some muscle. continue the exercises from the first month and add wait to them. keep up with the sessions is the first month with 48-hour rests in between. Keep up your cardio at four days a week but stretching your sessions to 45 minutes.

Month 3: The Home Run

This month marks the last four weeks of your ab defining journey. The goal for this month is to develop muscle endurance. Continue with your weight exercises four days a week having at least 24 hours rest between workouts. increase your cardio to five days a week having 60-minute sessions.


6 Tips to Follow When on a Diet Plan

Keep a Food Journal

Research has shown that keeping a Food Journal allows people to be successful at losing weight as it makes you more accountable. You can keep track of all the meals you have and it is also really easy to make adjustments.

Food Journal


Drink Lots of Water

Water makes up 70% of our body thereby it is important to keep hydrated. Regularly drinking water allows for smoother digestion, temperature regulation, Nutrient absorption and elimination of wastes smooth.

A simple rule of thumb to calculate your water intake is do divide your body weight in pounds by two. this gives you the minimum number of ounces of water that you should intake daily.

Eat High Protein Foods at every meal

Protein not only helps to build muscle but keeps you appetite lower and keep you full for longer thereby decreasing hunger sensations. Carbs on the other hand make you want more carbs. This increased calorie intake not only leads to poor energy levels but also causes weight gain. A good rule of thumb is to take 22-30 grams of protein at every meal.

Forget Those Late-Night Cravings

Make sure that you do not eat three hours before bed. If you really need to eat, make sure the food contains protein and less carbs for example eat a boiled egg or some low-fat cottage cheese. avoid having food with carbs is they are easily stored as fats.

Eat Whole Grains

Whole grains contain protein are high in fiber and other essential nutrients. Research has shown that people who eat whole grains have less weight when compared to those who don’t. It is better to choose whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta and brown rice.

Remove Added Sugars

Did you know that a serving of your popular soft drink contains more than 120 calories? All these added sugars lead to extra calories and they result in all the flabs thus it is imperative to remove the added sugars from your diet.



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