Try The following Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is most people think is likely related to weight loss however this is not the case, Metabolism is a complex process that is much more than that!

Simply put, metabolism is basically how quickly your body absorbs and burns calories and fats. Human beings rely on external sources to fulfill our nutrition and nourishment that is the food and drinks we consume. Through metabolism the food you eat is converted into energy by combining oxygen and then this energy is released to fulfill energy requirements for your day-to-day activities.

So what happens if your body’s metabolism is not optimum?

Human being’s metabolism rate tends to decrease as they grow older, so a child ability to burn calories is more than an adult. Metabolism not only focuses on the weight loss but also influences functions like maintaining digestive organs, blood circulation, nerve function to name a few.

Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Everyone says that it’s all in the diet! when you eat right, your body start fulfilling its metabolic needs and starts to optimize the metabolic rate. Try the following foods boost your metabolism rate:

Protein Rich Foods

These include the proteins that occur naturally in food such as milk, cheese, eggs, chicken, fish, seafood, all kinds of lean meat and beans and so on. The easiest way to increase your body’s metabolism is by increasing your intake of high protein foods as this causes a manifold impact.

The thermic effect of food is when your body uses the extra calories that it possesses to process and digest the food you have consumed. Proteins out of all the food groups contain the highest thermic effect of food that is the TEF of proteins is about 30% when compared to the TEF of fats that is at 3%. Protein also serves as a feeling option and continues to ensure back you feel satisfied in a good way.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Iron is a vital component that helps maintain your body’s balance. together with selenium and zinc, iron helps keep your thyroid gland functioning well. When the thyroid gland does not function properly, slower metabolism and its related problems are the outcomes. Eating plenty of fresh leafy green vegetables are in fact the best way to address this problem as they ensure little iron levels are in check. Green leafy vegetables are also packed with nutrients vitamins and minerals that ensure you overall wellbeing.


Vitamin C Rich Fruits

Fruit that contain an abundance of vitamin C such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit, limes and the whole family of citrus fruit helps the body to absorb iron better, metabolizes the bile in the liver which causes oxidation in the body and detoxes our digestive system. Vitamin C metabolizes the free radicals and eliminates them from the body all while keeping weight gain at Bay.

Vitamin C


This is surely not to be confused with having that big ol chocolate bar but using Cacao powder that is the fewer extract of the cacao bean of course this does not contain any added sugars. just a spoonful of Cacao Powder can help to reduce the absorption of calories in the body which leads to a sustained body way as it prevents weight gain.

raw cocoa powder

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most effective and best ways that can help you speed up your metabolism. Relax while you enjoy your cuppa green tea. Green tea contains catechins and polyphenols which are antioxidants and help boost the metabolism naturally. Green tea has been shown to burn as much as 100 calories a day and the best time to have it is 45 to 60 minutes after your meals.


Lentils and legumes add find source of plant protein and contain the same benefits as animal protein. Additionally, they are reaching fiber which helps in digestion and keeping the digestive organs functioning well. Legumes also contain amino acid such as arginine that helps the body to burn those flats and carbs.




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