TACFIT Commando: A Full Body Workout At Home That Will Improve Your Fitness Level And Maximize Your Functional Strength (My Review)

What is TACFIT Commando…

calisthenics workout plan
TACFIT Commando is a full body workout which utilizes only your body weight.  The workouts require no equipment, enough space to lie down and about 30 minutes.

The body weight exercises and how they are incorporated into the system are designed to melt away fat and build functional muscle. You are not going to build the bulging muscle like a body builder with this system. However, you will get stronger and add muscle that allow you to perform at your highest level.

Perhaps the best part about TACFIT Commando is that you can get a great full body workout at home. There is no need spend any money on equipment or expensive gym fees.

A TACFIT Commando Mission…

The TACFIT Commando system is centered on what it calls a mission. There are a total of 3 missions.  A mission is a 28 day cycle that is broken down into a 4×7 format. There are 4 distinct workouts (a micro cycle):

  1. No Intensity – Joint Mobility
  2. Low Intensity – Compensatory Yoga
  3. Moderate Intensity – Strength
  4. High Intensity – Metabolic Conditioning

Each 4 day cycle is repeated 7 times to complete the 28 day mission.  It is important to note that there are no days off. The No intensity and Low Intensity days are your active recovery days and day 3 and 4 are your work days.

The system provides alternative cycles for those unable to workout daily.

Who is TACFIT Commando For…

Each mission level also has 3 levels equivalent to a beginner, intermediate and advanced. The 3 levels for each mission equates to effectively 9 months worth of workouts. Each level requires more coordination.

  • Recruit – Someone new to this style of fitness or someone just getting started.
  • Grunt – Someone who has performed some missions or intermediate fitness level.
  • Commando –  One who has completed many missions, mastered the movements…Higher fitness level

TACFIT Commando has something for everyone. It’s a great total body workout for women and men alike. If you have not worked out in years, start as a recruit and work your way up.

This program will leave you feeling energetic. The focus on active recovery will help prevent injury and lead to a stronger and more confidant you.

Powerful System That Melts The Fat Away While Building Lean Muscle…tabata-crossfit

The exercises on day 3 and 4 (the work days)  are based on a variation of the Tabada system. There are 6 exercises that need to be performed. Each exercise is performed for 20 seconds and then followed by a 10 second rest. This is repeated 8 times to complete a 4 minute cycle.

After the 4 minute cycle is completed, you get a 1 minute rest and then move on to the next exercise and another 4 minute cycle. You do this until you have completed all 6 exercises.

Tabata has shown better cardio results come from short term high intensity exercises than from longer duration exercises at low intensity.

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Functional Fitness Training– In Under 30 Minutes A Day!

30 Minute WorkoutThis is not P90X where you need an hour or more depending on the workout. TACFIT Commando can be done in under 30 minutes and it can be done anywhere at any time.

Away on business…No problem!

Just pull out your timer and get started. Just as a side note: There are some good Tabada timer apps for smartphones.

TACFIT Commando Is So Effective & Convenient, There Is Absolutely…

  • NO wasted cost associated with a gym membership…
  • NO extra cost for equipment as none is needed…
  • NO reason to miss a day because of time or location constraints…
  • NO need for any other program!

Best of All: Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

TACFIT Commando is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

The only way they are able to offer a guarantee like that, is because it works!

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What Others Are Saying About TACFIT Commando…

As a bodyweight training system, it means that warriors can hone true combat fitness anywhere– giving TACFIT Commando “real world” relavance. As a 25 year Navy Seal veteran and lifelong student of human performance, I am truly excited about this program.” –Tom Schibler, Navy Seal Officer, CDR, retired 2006
“TACFIT Commando gives a regimen specific to what Special Operators call Actions on Objectives. This program is important conditioning to supporting battle drills. Placing your thoughts and body through TACFIT Commando is the exercise equal of honing a blade.” — Vernon Jeffery, US Army and Air Force Special Operations

Final Verdict: Is TACFIT Commando Worth It?

Answer: Yes!TACFIT Commando

Bottom line:

I love the Tabada style workout as well as the variety of exercises I have not previously attempted.

It takes limited space an more importantly to a working father, limited time.

And it’ll save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding expensive equipment and gym membership fees.

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Get started today!

“Do or Do not…There is no try” – Master Yoda



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TACFIT Commando F.A.Q

Q: Where can I purchase TACTFIT Commando?

A: You can buy TACFIT Commando directly through through this link.

Q: Can I bulk up with this program?

A: You will build muscle, but not the body builder type bulking out that inhibits your ability to move. This body weight training  will develop functional strength, which enhances your ability to perform

Q: Is this a good workout for women?

A: This is great total body workout for women. The focus is not on bulking up but rather melting the fat and getting stronger.

Q: Is this a good Abs Workout?

A: Yes. The system is a whole body program with a large focus on the core. The body is only as strong as the core and these exercises will hit the core from multiple directions.


Good luck, and here’s to you getting in the best shape of your life.

-Anthony Scott