TACFIT Commando Vs…

How does TACFIT Commando compare to some of the more popular home workouts?


I am a big fan of Tony Horton and P90x.  It is one of the more popular home workouts on the market.  The workout, like TACFIT Commando, hits the entire body. It also requires minimal equipment and a large portion of the exercises are body weight only.

I really like the coaching style of Tony. You can tells he enjoys what he is doing and is sincere about helping people get fit. There is a definite understanding and intent to communicate that you may not be able to keep up with Tony and his friends. They push you to do more but if you are unable to they remind you often “Do your best and forget the rest”.

I felt the strength workouts were tremendous. There are a couple of chest workouts that I still go back to when I have the time. The Yoga X although very long and stretching were also were very beneficial.

P90x Weaknesses

The cardio routines in P90x did not measure up to the same level as the strength routines. They are still good, but just not great.

My biggest reason for putting P90x on the shelf for now is the time investment that is required. Most routines run over 45 minutes and Yoga X, while great is an hour and a half. If you have time, this may not be an issue. But as a new dad with  a full time job, the time requirements were too much.


P90x is a very good program for:

  • Beginners to advanced
  • Building Strength
  • home workout warriors
  • people who can invest the time required


Insanity by Sean T. is another great program.  While  P90x  is strong with strength training and, I feel a little soft on cardio, Insanity is just the opposite.

Insanity is high intensity from the second you start warming up. From the time warm ups are over, it just gets tougher.

I liked the insanity workouts, but felt it was a soft in the strength training. The workouts were also shorter than P90x, but still a little longer overall than I want.

My one true concern with Insanity was I felt it was too much. I would work out for a couple of days and then I would be left physically exhausted to the point that I was unable to workout for a couple of days after. I never truly felt refreshed after an insanity workout. (This exhaustion may be an age issue. I did have a friend who was in his early twenties tell me he felt the same way after doing Insanity a couple of days.)

I would actually recommend doing a hybrid P90x/Insanity program. Utilize the strength of each program and you get some great cardio with some world class strength routines mixed in.



BarBrothers is another great program. It requires little to know equipment and is 100 body weight. The only equipment needed is a bar which you can find at most any local park.

Barbrothers has a starting point for anyone. Just realize that starting point may force you to get to a certain point in order to truly start the 12 week program.

Barbrothers is a body weight strength training. You do a lot of pushups, a lot of pull ups, a lot of squats and a fair amount of dips. As the program progresses, the reps get larger and the number of sets goes up as well.

I like this program a lot. The days are tough, but I generally feel good when I finish my workout. I like the variety in the moves as well which is something you tend to see with the body weight programs.

I am not a big fan of the cardio days. I prefer utilize tabada training for my cardio.  The only other complaint would be the time requirements. When you are doing 3 and 4 sets, it is no big deal, but when you get into 8 and 9 sets, now you are talking upwards of an hour to workout.

For more information on BarBrothers 


All of these programs are great programs. They each have there strengths and there weaknesses. If you put them together you can  pick a combination to meet your desired outcome goals whether that is to build strength, build muscle or just get fit.

TACFIT Commando doe by itself what these other programs do combined. The fact that I can get equivalent results out of one program and do it in 30 minutes or less each day is a game changer for me.

The recovery aspect of TACFIT Commando is worth the cost of the program itself. Each program has recovery periods, but TACFIT takes it to another level of effectiveness.