Benefits of Body Weight Exercises

What Is Body Weight Training…

It’s a full body workout which utilizes only the weight of your body.  The entire body can worked out in under 30 minuets and the space required is minimal. The exercises are generally characterized by one of the three following movements.

  • Pushing (push up)
  • Pulling (Pull Up)
  • Static Hold (Isometrics)

Benefits Of a Body Weight Workout Routine…

  1. Equipment –  An entire body weight workout can be designed and implemented with no equipment. All you need is your body and the desire to better yourself.  You can see a complete body weight system that is 100% equipment free here ==>
  2. Cost – Because minimal or no equipment is necessary to perform these exercises, the cost can be nothing. If you choose to get a pull bar, bar for dips…, you will spend some money, but that cash outlay is minimal to most other equipment.
    Most of the equipment you would ever need can be found at your local park. You can also eliminate the cost of your local gym. These exercises are perfect to develop your own home workout plan.
  3. Great For All Fitness Levels – With body weight programs, you can be your own designer. If a move is too much for you, find a variation of the move. You can control number of reps, number of sets, the amount of rest…If you can’t do a push up, get on your knees. Start small and build big.  If you’re already fit, body weight workouts can bring you to another level.
  4. Functional Strength – With body weight training, every muscle can be hit from multiple directions along with multiple other muscles at the same time. You can perform strength moves that enhance performance because you are able to move outside the proverbial box. body weight trainingIn traditional weight training, you are limited in your range of available motion. There is almost no room to vary your movement. As a personal preference, I have never been a fan of the body builder physique. Muscles are great, but if you are limited in your ability move, what use are they.
  5.  Stronger Core –  Body weight exercises hit multiple muscles of the core from multiple angles. Often times, you may not even know you are working out your core…you will the next day.
  6. Efficient – My #1 mandate for a workout program for myself is one that can be accomplished quickly. I am not a fan of working out for longer periods of time, nor do I have time to. With body weight, you can move quickly from one exercise to the next. Remember, minimal, if any, equipment is needed.
  7. Variety – The form of body weight exercises available to choose from is only limited by your imagination and the results by your desire. I remember watching a friend doing burpees and thinking what an easy exercise that was. Little did I know…3 burpees into my first round and I was dying.
  8. What I Like – I like that I can do my workout almost anywhere (I do not pat for a gym). I like that I can complete my workouts in under 30 minutes which allows me to spend time with my family. I like how I feel refreshed and energized after a workout. I like that I feel stronger, I like that I can walk up a set stairs and I am not out of breath. I like that I am continuing to see improvement.

How To Dramatically Improve Your Fitness In Less Than 30 Minutes With Body Weight Exercises…

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